Movies that will introduce you to Virtual Elastic String Theory


The first six movies in this series introduces the virtual elastic string theory

Movies 7 through 13 deal with classical concept of energy and Einstein's theory that photons are composed of energy. 

Movie 1:  Introduction to the forces of nature and the problems in physics. 

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Movie 2: Basic theory that explains electricity, magnetism, gravitation, and the nuclear forces.

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Movie 3: The source of force fields

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Movie 4: Evidence the strong nuclear force has elastic properties

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Movie 5: Evidence the gravitational force has elastic properties

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Movie 6: Evidence the electric force has elastic properties

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Movies 7-13 deal with energy 

Movie 7: Einstein's blob of energy that he envisions for photons has no scientific explanation


Movie 8: Energy is a mathematical concept


Movie 9:  The source of all energy


Movie 10: The energy of a photon


Movie 11: Properties of photons and Einstein's blob of energy


Movie 12: Einstein's blob of energy versus a blob of matter.

Movie 13: We need a new theory that explains relativity.

Movies 14-15 Properties of Photons

Movie 14:  The creation of electric fields and magnetic fields by photons.

Movie 15:  An explanation for interference and enhancement of the photon’s electric fields.

Movie 16: Graviton Matrix

Movie 16: An explanation for the immense concentration of gravitons in space—the graviton matrix.

Movies 17-18: Electric and Magnetic Fields

Movie 17a:  Explanation for electric force fields.

Movie 17b:  Explanation for negative and positive currents in a wire.

Movie 18a.  Explanation of magnetic force fields.

Movie 18b.  Evidence that magnetic force fields have physical properties—they are composed of matter.

Movies 19A to19D: Self-Induction

Movie 19a.  The role of magnetic fields in self-induction of force fields.

Movie 19b.  The role of gravitons in self-induction of force fields.

Movie 19c.  The role of electric fields in self-induction of force fields.

Movie 19d.  The synergetic effect of magnetic fields, gravitational fields, and electric fields during self-induction of force fields.